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Oracle Erp System

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Oracle Erp System

The ERP system is a software package which is designed to help companies run their businesses more efficiently by processing all transactions in a company and facilitating the planning, production and customer responses. The software consists of different modules and each of them is used by different departments of the whole corporation. By those modules, different departments are connected and integrated with each other in one system. Companies spend from $2 to $130 million dollars for their ERP systems depending on the size of the implementation. ERP vendors develop, supply, and implement the ERP system as package software for corporations. Oracle and SAP are the most important ERP vendors of the market that have been competed for years.

Oracle was founded in 1977 in the United States and by 1999 the company achieved 5000 customers in about 140 countries. Oracle is well known for their database systems, not for ERP system. Oracle is known as a company with strong software support and a large financial budget. However, the company lacks partners and consultants as a result of inflexibility and slow implementation of their ERP products. One of the most important products of the company is ‘Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise One’ that is designed for the businesses that are growing, but have limited IT resources and budgets. The product can quickly solve the most important industry-specific business problems and also adapt to meet the needs of future business with a predictable cost of ownership and long-term value. It offers a complete suite of applications to meet the companies’ specific business and industry needs by the assist of real-time business analytics and scorecards that are required to manage customers and suppliers. Asset Lifecycle Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Project Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management are the modules of PeopleSoft. Distribution, Professional Services, Business, Light Manufacturing and E-Commerce are some industries, the product is used. In addition, its price range is between $25.000 and $200.000.

SAP (Systems, Application, and Products in Data processing) is a German company that was founded in 1972. By the year 1999, SAP achieved twice as many customers as Oracle in more that 100 countries all around the world. Unlike Oracle, SAP decided to make corporations with many small companies. The company invests 20% of its profit on research and shares 80% of its total revenues with its alliance firms. In addition, the company has many consultants to help and train its customers. SAP produces more flexible and faster ERP systems since it has developers who supply a large number of add-in programs that can work with SAP's products. ‘mySAP’ is the most significant ERP product of the company. It has been designed to meet today’s changing demands on ERP. It allows companies to regain active control of their whole administration

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