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Organizational Culture

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Organizational Culture

I chose the Goodwill Industries for my organization. This organization’s culture appeals to me because they have a blend of everything. They have elderly, disabled, and healthy people that work as employees. The culture in my area is White and American Indian (predominantly). It does not matter who or what you are they will help you with employment or they will hire you. To me this is a wonderful thing to see come together. Goodwill’s founding father, Edgar J. Helms, said, “Be dissatisfied with your work until every person with a disability and every unfortunate person in our community has an opportunity to develop to his (her) fullest usefulness and enjoy a maximum of abundant living” (Goodwill Handbook, 2006).

The Goodwill Industry and I share the same values in a sense of helping everyone that we possibly can reach. I am a people person, I love to take care of people and see people grow the fullest they can achieve. I do not care if a person has a disability. I will work with and help them all I can. By having a disability makes their other senses stronger, and they can teach me also. I work with a girl right now who can not hear. There is a �signing’ chart in the break room and I’ve learned to sign my name and say �Hi’ to her. This makes her smile and the other employees say that she does not do that very often. She is helping me communicate in a way that I did not know I could learn. I just enjoy helping people as much as I can in life. These seven include stability, innovation, outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation and easygoingness. Of these seven the Goodwill Industries embody; innovation, stability, people orientation, outcome orientation, team orientation. Actually I think all seven pertain the Goodwill. They are a thriving Industry and it is because they help people (all cultures and disabilities), they teach you to be a team and work side by side as a whole. They are very detail oriented, they follow laws

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