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Panera Bread

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Panera Bread

Panera Bread

I arrive at Panera Bread with a sense of feeling at home. Its my retreat from a stressful lifestyle. I come to get great food and to finish my school work. It's not like my home where the TV and sleep are a distraction.

When I first walk in the door I am greeted by the smell of fresh bagels and hot soup. Free samples of deliciously baked raisin bagels with freshly whipped cream cheese are set out on display. The menu on the wall behind the registers makes my taste buds tingle. The smells of different coffees remind me that I will never get sleepy while doing my studies. Steams from the pots of soup make me feel warm even in a tee shirt on in February.

Panera Bread is setup so I could move in for the next two weeks. Tall ceilings with think brown painted walls give a sense of comfort. Comfortable matching leather chairs circle a cozy fireplace. On the other side of the dimmed coffee house offers an array of tables and booths. Leather couches, coffee, and a fireplace is a perfect setup for anyone to write a novel.

I notice different groups of people in Panera Bread everyday. It is lunch time, and it is quite packed. I sit by myself in an excluded booth like it's my own world. When I what to take

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