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Pestle Analysis and 5 Forces on Singapore (draft)

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Pestle Analysis and 5 Forces on Singapore (draft)


The focus of this report is to provide an analytical framework known as “Porter’s Five Forces” on PSA International Pte Ltd, a Singaporean port operator. This report will also be focusing on the PESTLE analysis of Singapore. PESTLE analysis is an analytical tool used by businesses to access Political, Economic, Social, Technological, environmental and legal changes. PESTLE analysis helps to identify the opportunities and threats that will helps organisations in critical business decision making. The following report will be on PSA International Pte Ltd and Singapore’s background.

Company and Country Background:

PSA International Pte Ltd, is one of the major port operators in the world.(Port Technology International. 4 Dec 2014.) PSA, renamed PSA Corporation limited, corporatised in 1997 and their core business is to transfer containers from one vessel to another; this process is called transhipment (,. 'Milestones'. N.p., 2015. Web. 28 May 2015.).

Singapore was once a British trading colony in 1819 and in 1963, Singapore joined Malaysia however, Singapore separated from Malaysia 2 years later and became independent. Today, Singapore is now a country with strong international trading links and Singapore’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is able to compete with some of the most successful nations of Western Europe.( N.p., 2015. Web. 1 June 2015.)

Political Factors:

Singapore’s political risks are rather average for example one significant risk is the vulnerability of banking sector ( N.p., 2015. Web. 1 June 2015.). Since Singapore’s autonomy, the citizens loved relative political security. Now, the political security has provided a more peaceful and sophisticated lifestyle for the people of Singapore. Additionally, it further enhanced business opportunities for Singapore. Although there have been reports about limitation of free speech for competing parties in Singapore. Abiding by the defamation laws, both the competing parties are required to be careful of the political remarks made. However, failure to abide by the defamation laws that would have consequences leading to a hefty slander suits or sentenced to jail. The apprehension of lawful suits restrains the capability of free discourse for the opposing parties in Singapore. Another element is sharing of information is limited. These obstruct the competing parties. Therefore, the commitment to free discourse exercises and political debates are low (PESTLE Analysis,. 'PESTLE Analysis Of Singapore'. N.p., 2015. Web. 28 May 2015.) This would lead to different issues with respect to the sort or nature of competing parties. Some competing

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