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Project Report on “need of Security in Government & Industrial Sector”

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Project Report on “need of Security in Government & Industrial Sector”


Project Report


“Need of Security in Government & Industrial Sector”


An ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Business

In partial fulfillment of the award of

PGDBM 2005-07

Faculty Guide Project Guide

Mr. Vishal Anand Mr.Shailesh Jain

Submitted by

Ravi Sharma

Ambabari Circle, Bharti Path, Ambabari, Jaipur-302 023 INDIA.

Phone: 0141-2335487, 2234216 Fax: 0141-2335120

Email: website:


It is an honor to present this project report titled as “Need Of Security In Government & Industrial Sectors”. This partial fulfillment of curriculum has provided me a great opportunity to experience the market practicalities in a hidden sector of security systems.

To prepare this report efforts are made not by an individual only but also the office staff of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., Jaipur, Faculty members of The Maharishi Arvind Inst. Of Sci. & Mgmt.

It is very pleasant duty to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Majaz Khan (Branch commercial manager), Jaipur for giving me the opportunity to carry on the project and Mr. Shailesh Jain (Dy. mktg. mgr.) for his valuable guidance and co-operation & my heartiest gratitude to Mr. Lalit Anand (Sales Officer) for giving me directions for the research. I am deeply indebted for their constant encouragement on every aspect of my project.

I also like to convey my thanks and gratitude to Mr. Vishal Anand (Faculty) MAISM, Jaipur for his constant encouragement and support to my study.

I would like to thank each and every member of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd., Jaipur for their immense guidance and suggestions, the respondents for providing factual information without which I would not have been able to complete the project.

Yours Sincerely



We were working with Godrej is a diverse product group of more than 100 years old having interest in security equipments Godrej is a most preferred provider of products and services for over a century. Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. has been providing complete security solutions since the last 100 yrs being associated with internationally acclaimed security systems, which has been approved by organizations like Underwriters Laboratory-USA, CBRI-Roorkee, ERTL and Govt. of India etc. Our Security Systems consist of Defender Plus Safes, Strong Room Doors, Currency Counting Machine, Electronic Safes, Burglary & Fire alarm Systems, Surveillance System, Automatic Gate Access System and Fire Fighting Systems.

The topic of my study was Need of Security in Govt. & Industrial Sectors, which was to be conducted on the product given to me.

Objective of the study:

• To study the level of prospect customers of Electronic Security systems & The Need of security in Public & Private sector.

• To know about the popularity of electronic security equipment in the market.

In the project we worked out with different categories in Private and Public Sectors Companies & Industries. The project guide segmented the market accordingly. We were mainly focusing on Currency Counting Machines and Electronic Safes with Alarm Systems & Surveillance systems (details are confined in product profile). We were supposed to work out with the Need & Requirement of Electronic Security Systems in Public & Private Firms. We have surveyed categories likewise Hotels, Financial Institutions, Industrial, Educational institutions & Misc.

We have to check whether there is any requirement in the segmented firm and the response of the client towards the changing scenario of Security systems in the market, if the response

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