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Proposal for the Development of a Business Plan to Launch a Graphics & Web Design Company

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Proposal for the Development of a Business Plan to Launch a Graphics & Web Design Company

Proposal for the development of a Business Plan to Launch a Graphics & Web Design Company

Prepared for:

Dan Hirschhorn - Capella University

TS7000-Technical Communications

Prepared by:

Chacondra Holcombe

January 11, 2003


In todayЎ¦s business world, many consumers prefer a companyЎ¦s presence & position on the internet. E-Business is a magical marketing tool for most companies. The term attracts attention and affects the fundamental tasks of a companyЎ¦s day-to-day operations. Companies have not confused the financial woes of various venture capitalists in the dot-com industry with the wide-range of possibilities offered via e-business. If positioned properly, a company could effectively influence the opportunities on e-business in a well-managed manner.

The real potential often comes with the application of various tools and concepts associated with e-business to the basics of business; as well as, using these tools to bring about new levels of competitiveness to companies.

The presence on the internet is basically about shifting the thoughts of the former business world. It is no longer true that in order to conduct big business, you must be a big business. The internet has virtually evened the playing field in the small vs. big business arena; however, the marketplace is still an increasingly complex division where positioning is key to standing out from the crowd.


In order to become a participant, a company must actively work to become partners with their customers. A company must formulate a strategy that will focus their resources where they have the greatest impact and fastest return. Affordable Solutions„Ґ will assist companies with the development of their website(s) and make sure it involves their people, processes and technology. The website will also be designed according to the companyЎ¦s mission, business plan, strategies and operations.

Who can companies turn to when they wish to amplify their voices to send their desired message out to the world? The launch of my new graphics and website design company is the step in the right direction. Affordable Solutions„Ґ will assist our clients with receiving their desired responses from their customerЎ¦s. We will also assist our clients in developing a top-notch customer relationship management tool via the web.

Affordable Solutions„Ґ services will include the development of our clientЎ¦s website flow chart and website (using original graphics), registration of our clients domain name, and provide hosting solutions. We will offer a complete range of print and new media design services; which will be highlighted when we partner with our clients to find their voice.

The services are affordable, powerful & driven by results. Our clients will receive a full service business marketing solution, in order to promote a healthy growth plan for their customer base ЎV all within their allotted budget.


The focus

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