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Rational Decision-Making Model

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Rational Decision-Making Model

Rational Decision-Making Model

Most individuals are faced with situations that necessitate excellent decision-making abilities. Determining the suitable course of action to take when faced with a difficult dilemma can be a challenge. Due to the importance of the decision-making process, decision-making models can be used to establish a systematic means of developing effective decision making. One of the models has been called the "rational model" of decision making (Stoner & Freeman, 1989). The steps laid forth below are listed as the seven steps of the rational model.

The first step of the rational decision-making model is to define the problem, the need, or the opportunity. Although this may seem either petty or apparent, quite often it is neither. Many of us have had the experience of essentially wasting days and weeks working to solve a problem and then finding out that various members of the group had different definitions of the problem leading to significantly different assumptions about the process. Everyone involved in the decision must have the same frame of reference in terms of the problem, the need, or the opportunity. It may even help to generate a formal problem statement.

The second step in the process is to generate all possible solutions. This involves active searches for information and alternatives. Group process techniques such as brainstorming and assigning someone to play "Devil's Advocate" are frequently helpful. Many new technologies get chosen and implemented without a thorough exploration of the alternatives. This can happen because the technology decision is dictated from a higher organizational level or because the new technology is perceived as the latest "thing" being used by "everyone." It is at this point in the process that technological gatekeepers become

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