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Real Madrid, Integrated Marketing Communications

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Real Madrid, Integrated Marketing Communications


The Integrated Marketing Communications is a planning process designed to make an effective campaign by using all the different aspects of marketing communications such advertising , sales promotion, sponsorship, direct marketing, internet marketing or personal selling, to send a clear, consistent, competitive and credible message about the company. We can state that whit its Marketing Communication Strategy, the club has been able to create a very profitable visual impact and consumer credibility worldwide.


One of the most important sources of revenue for the club comes from the sponsorship and advertising (EUR 45,9 M) and other marketing resources( EUR 16,9 M). The team leads the list of the 20 richest clubs in the world and it has "built up its brand value through sponsorships and world tours," according to accounting firm Deloitte.. The most recent of these contracts, signed with online gaming company Bwin, is worth an estimated €60 million (BBDO Consulting Agency).

In professional sport, sponsorship means that big prize money can be paid and events can be organised scale without the spectators having to pay huge

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