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Report Explaining the Data Model for Creating a Conference Database

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Report Explaining the Data Model for Creating a Conference Database

Report Explaining The Data Model For Creating A Conference Database

Loughborough University Department of Information Science

Cherry Louise Maguire-A913339



1.0 Introduction 3

2.0 Background 3

3.0 Entity Relationship Diagram 4

4.0 Justification 5

4.1 Seminar Table 6

Seminar Table 6

4.2 Workshop Table 6

Workshop Table 7

4.3 Chair/Speakers Table 8

Chair Table 8

Speakers Table 8

4.4 Workshop presenters Table 9

Workshop Presenters Table 10

4.5 Presentation Table 10

Presentation Table 10

4.6 Exhibitions Table 11

Exhibitions Table 11

4.6 Exhibitors Table 11

Exhibitors Table 11

4.6 Delegates Table 12

Delegates Table 12

4.6 Costs Table 12

Costs Table 12

1.0 Introduction

This report includes an explanation of a data model for a Conference database. The report will include my rationale behind the database design I have chosen, including an entity-relationship diagram and the expected structure of my database.

2.0 Background

Loughborough University's Department of Information Science annually hosts a seminar to students, staff and members of the public. This seminar is held on ‘Electronic Public Information Provision' and is typically a one-day event which has proved popular due to the events and extras included. The day includes presentations presented by various speakers, an exhibition and an array of workshops. Throughout the event, day refreshments are available to all attendees, as well as a buffet lunch. I have been assigned the task of designing and creating a model that will enable the storage of data relating to the event.

3.0 Entity Relationship Diagram

See Attached.

Attached is my entity-relationship diagram which presents all entities I have chosen and their related attributes which I have designed for the Conference database. The squares represent the entities, the circles represent the attributes and the diamonds represent the relationships between the entities. I have also provided either a ‘1' or infinity symbol to represent the relationships further.

4.0 Justification

I have designed the entity-relationship diagram on page 4 to show the relationships, tables, and attributes to which I shall use to create a database.

4.1 Seminar Table

Seminar Table

Field Name Data Type Field Size Indexed Format Validation Rule Required Caption

SeminarID AutoNumber Byte Yes (No Duplicates) Yes

Speaker Name Byte No Yes

Seminar Text 50 No Yes E.g. IMBS Seminar 2011

ExhibitionsID AutoNumber Byte Yes (No Duplicates) Yes

Date Date No Medium

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