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Research Methods

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Research Methods

Research Proposal


An examination into the relationship between job satisfaction & individual performance.

Research Questions

1. “What is the relationship between job satisfaction & individual performance?” (Gainer 2007)

2. “What is the current overall level of employee satisfaction within the organisation?” (Gainer 2007)

3. Does the level of job satisfaction have an effect on staff absence and employee turnover?

4. What recommendations can be made in order to improve job satisfaction, lower absence rates & employee turnover within the organisation?

Aims & Objectives

It is the intention to review a wide range of published literature in relation to job satisfaction, individual performance & its correlation to variables such as age/gender, staff absence & employee turnover.

Employee satisfaction is very important to organisations because put simply it is the extent to which people happy feel about their job. Jones (1996) cited that “today’s managers recognise that they cannot achieve their key business objectives without the focus & commitment of the entire workforce”

The study into the causes of job satisfaction plays a major part in organisational research, due to the potential effects it can have on the overall success or failure of the business. If employees are deemed to be satisfied at work this will create a better working environment, resulting in positive outcomes for the organisation.

A summary of the literature to be reviewed includes traditional & modern motivation theories, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to J. Stacey Adams - Equity theory on job motivation. Modern motivational theories include that of the work of Clayton Paul Alderfer & his ERG theory & J. Atkinson - The Flexible Firm Model.

Other literature for review includes professional journals, books and websites relating to the field of Psychology, HRM & Management.

By critically reviewing the literature it should provide an understanding as to the changes that have occurred within organisations over time & how job satisfaction can be linked to other variables.

It is the intention to use the findings from the literature review to build a hypothesis to be examined via a primary research method in a manufacturing organisation. This research will also encompass issues “which have been cited by management

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