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Riordan Manufacturing Information Systems

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Riordan Manufacturing Information Systems


Riordan Manufacturing Information Systems

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Riordan Manufacturing Information Systems

To maintain and exceed Riordan Manufacturing's elite status in its trademark business the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Michael Riordan, has put into action the request for review and analysis of all company's sites ( San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hangzhou, China) existing business systems and sub-subsystems. This includes software used in the Human Resources, Legal, Finance & Accounting, and network infrastructure applications. This paper will provide suggestions for improvements and estimated budgets for hardware and software related enhancements. This CEO mandated service request will ultimately lead to improvements on all facets of current business systems and sub-systems and in turn consolidate the company's business operation.

Riordan Manufacturing is looking to improve upon their inventory manufacturing process through system changes. Through the proposed specific changes described herein with their current computer infrastructure Riordan Manufacturing will become more efficient. Based on the investigation and discovery of the current business processes there are five specific areas identified for improvement. The areas identified are manual entry of orders, inventory, and shipments, outdated client computers, outdated servers, inadequate cabling, and supporting equipment. The five enhancements will digitalize the inventory process; provide more efficient computer systems, more efficient virtualized servers, increased network throughput, and reduced paper consumption.

The research conducted to find the best inventory manufacturing solution and meet the needs of Riordan Manufacturing was a two-part process. A complete investigatory audit and network analysis compiled the current hardware and software configurations. We then conducted interviews with the employees who have an integral role in the manufacturing process to obtain feedback in regard to the current system process and the expectations of the new system process. The feedback obtained will make sure we are meeting the employee's needs as well as management ensuring an effective outcome proving efficient and accepted by all involved.

Finance and Accounting Systems

Back when Riordan Manufacturing first implemented the accounting and finance system currently in place it fared well. However, times change, and the business continues to grow. The company grows but the accounting and finance system remains mediocre at best. Many problems should be addressed when matter comes to these systems. They include the general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, order entry, procurements, sales, and purchasing history.

Start by standardizing equipment at each location. Using the same equipment throughout Riordan Manufacturing will help keep uniformity and ease maintenance pains. With the equipment, upgrade a fully integrated backup device for storing important files needs to be implemented. Standardized equipment also ensures software packages remain compatible throughout the network. Considering the diversity of people who work for Riordan language barriers must be figured into the system because two different types of currency are in use. So a converter and money exchange rate system is also needed in the San Jose and China entities.

Human Resources and Legal Systems

In 1992, the HRIS system was installed, which combines the HR and financial systems of Riordan, to keep track of personal information, pay rate, which department the employee worked, and accrued vacation hours. Training records, and Resume's and applications to the company for employment, are stored on a spreadsheet, workers compensation is outsourced to a third party vendor. All employee files are kept by management; this includes FMLA status because there is no centralized information database, which information could be kept for access. Riordan needs a business system that will separate, HR from Financial, and store employee records in a database instead of on a spreadsheet.

Legal information is not kept stored in a database but is acted upon by Lowell Bradford, using his personal experience; all other legal needs are outsourced to Litteral & Finkel, the law firm retained by Riordan Manufacturing. If legal matters arise, legal fees are charged against the retainer. If the amount of

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