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I would like to introduce a family that I have had the pleasure to observe for quite a few years the Simpsons. The Simpsons are an animated series that airs on the FOX network. The Simpsons are comprised of father, mother, and three siblings. They are a one-income, middle class family that most would consider dysfunctional at times. The family always seems to pull together to form a tight bond that no one can break.

Homer J. Simpson is the patriarch of the Simpsons family. He is married to Marge and has three lovely children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Homer works at Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant as a Safety Inspector. When he's not at work, Homer enjoys lounging on the sofa, bowling, watching television and eating. He also enjoys hanging out at the local watering hole, Moe's tavern. Despite his love for lounging around, Homer enjoys spending quality time with Marge and the kids. Homer is always there when his family needs him, no matter the situation. It may be listening to Lisa play her saxophone, watching television with Bart, playing with Maggie or taking Marge out for a special dinner.

Marge Simpson is backbone of the Simpson family. She is the well meaning and patient wife of Homer. Best known for her tall blue hair, Marge is the most unappreciated character on the show. Not a day passes when Marge is not busy at work slaving over a hot stove, cleaning up after Homer and the kids. She works hard for her family, trying to keep them happy in one way or another. Marge has a hard

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