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Stupid Class

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Stupid Class

Every year in any school, there are certain classes and/or instructors that just seem to be boring or dry. Students, if the subject is not interesting to them, tend to give up, thus failing the class. I once had such a class. This class happened to be History 17a. History is not always boring but if the professor does not make an effort to make his/her class interesting, I lose interest. In failing this class I learned that if the instructor were interesting the class would follow. I took this class and failed, and this failure affected me financially, mentally, and physically.

Since failing this class, I have been placed on financial aid probation. If I lose financial aid completely I will not be able to attend college, for neither my parents or I can afford to pay for it, which is why I was on financial aid in the first place. Upon receiving my grades for that semester, I was not surprised that I had failed this class, and since I had failed it on my own, there was nothing I could do to receive a passing grade. This F was my fault, and with every failure, I must redo the task in order to make it right. And so, I must retake history 17a to clear this F. Receiving this grade brought my GPA way down. And as a result, I was placed on financial aid probation, until my GPA and completed units prove themselves worthy to the financial aid committee.

Second, this class brought down my GPA, thus forcing me to sit through this class for another semester. This failure affected me mentally, because the professor was boring and even though I like the subject of history couldn’t drag myself to class every Friday, it was too boring. If one misses too many classes and the information is not reviewed the next class, it was left in the past, one misses out. If I woke up late I did not even try to catch the tail end of this class I just said forget it. All through high school I barely ever missed school, unless I was sick, and I never ditched. And the tests in this class were ridiculous. I am usually able to pass a test even without studying; I studied for his tests but still barely passed. Even though I may have passed the tests those are not weighted more that the homework that I did not complete. And everything the professor discussed in class always seemed unclear, I never really understood a single fact the he spilled out. Therefore, I will have to do my very best in the course on my second run through, and hopefully get a different professor.

Thirdly, every session

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