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Superhero True

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Superhero True

Superhero True

When I was a little boy,

I never found interest in my toys,

‘Cus there you were across the street,

Looking so pretty and soundin’ so sweet,

And I knew that all I wanted to do,

Was to be a superhero just for you.

I would come to the rescue,

Save the day,

I’d always be there to push you outta harm’s way,

And when I felt weak all you’d ever have to say,

“Is I love you, my Superhero True.”

Oh, we stuck together through the years,

I held your hand through the struggles and the fears,

But inside I was feeling caged,

Feeling stressed out, and feeling my age,

It seemed like we always had a dollar too few,

And your superhero blamed it on you.

I regretted your rescue,

Rued the day,

Wished we had gone our separate ways,

Feeling sorry for myself so I didn’t here you say,

“I love you, my Superhero True.”

Oh, I started to drink,

I started those fights,

Kept the kids up all goddamned night,

But I can’t believe…

I went to a bar and got kinda’ drunk,

Ended up sleeping with some tall blonde punk,

And now I knew that I was screwed,

Cus’ your Superhero True had cheated on you.

I failed at your rescue,

Ruined your day,

Went and I shoved you into harm’s way,

And it shattered my heart when I heard you say,

“I hate you, you super evil tool.”

So I went and I prayed to god above,

I prayed for forgiveness,

And I prayed for your love.

‘Cus I felt like I would tear in two,

If I didn’t find a way to make it back to you.

I wanted to be rescued,

Needed to be saved,

Wished you would pull my outta my ways,

I knew I could live on, if you would just say,

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