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Synthesis Essay Student Debt

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Synthesis Essay Student Debt

Synthesis Essay Student Debt

Many students attend college not knowing how much it is going to cost them.

Every year the cost of going to college increases leaving students in high debt once

they graduate. Most of the students do not take the time to inform themselves about

loans and end up learning the hard way once they get them. Once they graduate,

students aren't able to buy houses or cars because they end up with a 30,000 loan they

have to pay back. Some end up changing their careers because they can't afford to pay

the loans for a higher paying career. Some writers use statistics, appeals to logic, and

arguments to support their concerns.

One way that the issue of students dept is addressed is through statistics. The

writer Kim Clark uses this technique in her discussion of student dept. In one example

of this technique, she says," Some 79 percent say they've never even talked with their

parents about a budget." This supports the idea that students that go into college have

no idea how to budget their money, therefore overspend in things they might not need

and slowly getting into to dept. Another point she makes is," A recent survey by USAA

found that more than one fifth of students plan to lay out over 1000 dollars in furnishing

their dorm rooms." Students in college have no idea how expensive in can be and

overspend just to fit in by making their dorms look nice instead of saving for books or

things they might need for college. The author Tamara Draut also uses this technique

when she says," Forty percent reported they delayed buying a home because of their

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loans, compared to just one quarter in 1991." Students who graduate college end up

having to pay a loan, therefore they cannot afford a house till they pay it off. The author

also says," In 2002, 14 percent of young adults reported that students loans caused

them to delay marriage, up from 7 percent in 1991." Every year college gets more

expensive making students delay their plans till they get out of their debt. The last writer

who uses this technique is Jeffrey J. Williams when he explains," The average

undergraduate student loan debt in 2002 was $18,900. It more than doubled from 1992,

when it was $9,200." If student dept gets higher through the years some students are

not going to be able to afford college. The writer also says," Added to this is charge card

dept, which averaged $ 3,000 in 2002." Students also get in dept with credit cards

making their dept higher once they graduate.

Another way the writers talk about this issue is through appeals to logic. Some

students get loans because their colleges recommend it to them. The writer Jon Marcus

uses appeals to logic when he says," Although their not required to, 90 percents of

students choose the loan companies recommended as "preferred" by their university

financial aid offices." Since the university recommends the loans to the students,

students think that is their best option and go ahead and get them not knowing the

interest rate their going to have to pay back. The writer also says," When cash-strapped

students entering Johns Hopkins University this year needed private loans to help them

pay their tuition fees, the university's financial aid office steered them to a short list of

recommended lenders

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