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Teaching Adults Using Technology

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Teaching Adults Using Technology

Zelda Cephus

Current Issues In Education

Dr. Vivian Carter

August 27, 2005

Article Title: Safe Schools Office Finds Itself at Storm’s Eye”

Author: Jessica Portner

Source: Education Week


Even with violence on the rise the Safe Schools Office feels the need to defend itself and prove it is needed. The budget is increasing, but the program still has major shortcomings. Secretary Riley told a group of conference attendees, “we must do a better job of making sure that what we are doing is effective.”

With the passing of the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, in 1994 the budget ballooned and programs seemed to be of little or no effect. One program that was criticized was Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE).

Some in the drug and violence prevention arena argue it can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of such programs. With some grantees doing little with money it is hard to determine whether to continue funding or pull it because of the

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