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Terms and Conditions of Employment

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Terms and Conditions of Employment

Terms and Conditions of Employment

Under the Employment Rights Act 1996, all employees regardless of the hours they work should receive a written statement from their employer within two months of starting work. This statement known as the terms and conditions of employment contains key particulars of the job and the rights and duties of the employee and employer in terms of the following (* must be included in one principle document):

Job Description & Specification

These are general and detailed statements that state

• *The names of the employee and employer

• *The date of employment

• *Job title; description of duties; hours of work and the rate and frequency of pay

• *The place of work and the employer’s address

Contract of Employment

This is document details and explains the terms of employment and includes:

• *Holiday entitlement, including public holidays and holiday pay; and sickness and injury arrangements, including sick pay

• Length of notice required the employee and employer

• *Details of any disciplinary or grievance rules and procedures

• Pension schemes (if there are more than 20 employees, the employer must offer a stakeholder pension scheme)

• Length of your contract and details of any collective agreement between the employee and employer

• Whether the employee holds a contracting out-certificate

Staff Handbook

This outlines the companies’ policies and procedures such as

• Information about the company and the role of the employee

• Rules and responsibilities of

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