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The Differences Between Live Music and Audio

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The Differences Between Live Music and Audio

Live music is great/everybody should be able to experience live music. Best venue to see an artist. You haven’t truly heard what an artist sounds like until you have heard them live with you in their presence.

These days, everything is edited. There isn’t any music that is released that is untouched. Even live versions and acoustic versions of songs have been modified to please the listener’s ear.

To be able to purely hear an artist’s voice or a band’s instruments, you must see them live. When music is played live, right there in front of you, there is no pretending or faking or modifying. Everything in that moment is real and pure. You can’t put autotune on something in real life.

When an artist or band is talented, hearing them live is amazing. To hear all the imperfections in their voices that are usually masked in the studio is amazing. You can tell how much effort an artist has put into a certain song or EP or album when they play it live, because they put their all into it in order to make it sound amazing live.

People often say “oh, she’s awful live” or “he’s only good live”. Often times, people have only heard studio versions of an artist’s music. Hearing them live can make or break your opinion for them, because some artists sound very different live compared to their studio versions. For an example, a pop artist’s studio version of a song might be really catchy, but sometimes it’s so modified and touched up in the studio that when you hear it in real life, it doesn’t sound much like a song at all.

The best music to hear live is the music that is created by two things: instruments and voices. Artists who rely solely on their own voices and instruments produce the best live music. Artists that you often hear on pop radio do not sound good live because they need electronic sounds and electric modifiers in order to make their music appealing.

I have been to at least ten live shows of artists of all different styles of music -- from the purest artists who just have a guitar and their own voices to artists who put on extravagant shows with dancers and backup singers. In all honesty, I think all live music is good live music, as long as the artist who is producing it is truly pouring their soul into it. Even if a musician isn’t as talented as the next, they

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