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The Effects of Industrial Wastes on Soil and Plant

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The Effects of Industrial Wastes on Soil and Plant



Nowadays, pollution is a very hot problem and many scientists try to find the ways as much as possible to solve it because of its heavy effects, and main cause is industrial wastes. The cause influents many fields included soil and plant, things that are very essential for us to survive. Soil contaminated by heavy metals may pose a threat to human health if the heavy metals enter the food chain. Therefore, many experiments were carried out in many places to examine and analyze how much they affect. The results are very surprise. All of them gave one general conclusion that polluted or contaminated soil will have negative effect on plant such as their growth, yield and nutrient. Then, it is recommended some methods to reduce contaminants in the soil by applying waste treatment ... so that plant growing in it can be safe for using.

With the fast development of technology, many factories and mills were built every year. Then, the amount of industrial wastes they release in the environment keeps increasing, and makes very bad effect, especially, on soil and plant.

Industrial wastes are major sources of pollution in all environments and require on-site treatment before discharge in to sewage system. Soil ecosystem all over the world have been infected by various anthropogenic actions resulting in health hazards through food chain. The transfer of heavy metals from soil to plant is important with regard to plant nutrition and the pollution of crops by heavy metals.

The findings of studies have examined that industrial wastes are really main causes of contaminated soil, and plants growing in it certainly get bad effect. Thus, the transfer of soil pollutants into the plants causes many physiological disorders. In addition, the contaminated soil exerted significant negative effects on the growth, yield and nutrition of rice and grass plants grown in it.

The purpose of this study was to ascertain the effects of industrial wastes on soil and plant. This topic will help further researches in finding the ways to reduce these bad effects.

Plants play a very important role in human life. They are not only the source supplying oxygen for people to breathe, but also clean the air. Due to that, we can enjoy better environment. Moreover, they are also a source of food containing a lot of nutrient and vitamins. However, soil has been contaminated by industrial wastes mainly so plants growing in it may be in danger. Therefore, it is really necessary to do researches about soil and plant.

A study was conducted of industrial pollution in lowland rice areas. These areas are being polluted by heavy metals from sewage sludge produced by the industry. This waste is disposed of directly into rivers, all of which are used to irrigate lowland rice. Thus, it is obvious that soil contaminated heavy metals from industrial wastes will lead to the decrease in rice yields.

But it is not only simply the reduction in plant yields, but also accumulation pollutants in plants. These evidents show the results that the transfer of soil pollutants into

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