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The Flying German

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The Flying German

There have been many great race car drivers through racing history, but almost none of them have achieved what Michael Schumacher has during his entire career. A motor sport enthusiast since childhood, Schumacher, whose career spawns from the late 80s up until now, has achieved almost everything a race car driver could wish for: world championships, lap records, most-wins, most podiums, countless awards, etc. This is why according to many experts he is one of the most important and influential sportsmen in Formula One history, and perhaps in racing history too.

Michael Schumacher’s origins were as ordinary as any other person alive. He grew up in the small town of Hurth-Hermьlheim in Germany, where his father run a small kart track where Michael and his brother Ralf, who is also a Formula 1 driver, would drive small karts that their father build for them. Around that time, his passion for motor sports started to grow dramatically even after suffering some accidents in his small machine, like crashing into a lamppost several times. He started to compete in many regional kart championships where he would win frequently. His parents, realizing his son’s potential, arranged many sponsorship deals with wealthy enthusiasts that helped the young Michael to work his way up the ranks (Donaldson). Between 1986 and 1990 Michael won many national and European competitions, including the German and European Kart championships, his greatest triumphs yet. His winning streak continued through much of the late 80s, he also won many races in Japan and Mexico. He managed to clinch the German Formula 3000 championship in 1990 too. This achievement caught the attention of many

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