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The Message of the Book of Ecclesiastes as It Relates to Personal Values and Ethics

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The Message of the Book of Ecclesiastes as It Relates to Personal Values and Ethics

The book of Ecclesiastes conveys a clear message that life without a proper relationship with God leads to an unfulfilled life.

The wisdom contained in the book of Ecclesiastes could easily be overlooked or discounted by modern Christians. Without a deeper study of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes you would not gain the wisdom for life that is being imparted, it would merely seem an angry and depressed writing. Because of this course study I have found some important insights to shape and strengthen my Christian values and ethical framework.

Through the reading I have found that my values and ethical framework need a stable and unchanging foundation that is only found in and through the work of God. Satan would seek to convince you that you are in control and can make the right decisions regarding your values and ethical framework. If you follow this path, the author of Ecclesiastes clearly states that you will find yourself in conflict with God, and subject to God’s judgment. Therefore, your focus must be on God and His will for your life. This requires an ongoing relationship with God. Matthew Henry provides the following statement about the importance of the relationship described in Ecclesiastes:

“To those that are accepted of the Lord, he gives joy and satisfaction in the knowledge and love of him. But to the sinner he allots labour, sorrow, vanity, and vexation, in seeking a worldly portion, which yet afterwards comes into better hands.”

Another insight grasped is that I need to make decisions and choices that create lasting value. We live in a world that is focused on the immediate, the pleasurable and the most self-serving. Often there is little concern about how the decisions and choices we make impact or influence others. In many cases, I have failed to put God in the “little things” thinking that I could “handle it.” Later, I find myself right where I should have gone in the beginning and that is to God for guidance. My goal is to seek to please God in all that I do. By living by this principle, I will be able to put my values and ethical framework into action, every day.

In the area of decision making I also need to insure that I maintain a proper perspective about work that will create a lasting value. My choice in a job should fulfill the requirement of creating lasting value while meeting my basic economic requirements. I should not allow the pursuit of position, power or income to sidetrack my relationship with God or to impair my testimony in the eyes of others. My job should be one that I really enjoy and that allows me the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of my labors.

Another implication of Ecclesiastes’ message is that I need to develop the trait of patience because God’s

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