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The Minister's Black Veil

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The Minister's Black Veil

The story "The Minister's Black Veil" is written by Nathaniel Hawthome, who is a famous romanticism lived in 19 century.The person named Hopper use be a good Minister, all the people love him. But he kille a girl by accident, so he wear the veil all the life, until he dies. Also show the sin of the people. The story is going to warning the lack of love, the sin from people.

He use be a very widely known Minister, he go to other villages sermonize to everbody. He directs all the church, wedding even funeral. A lot of people benefit from it. All the old people respect him, and the child loves their minister.

He kille the girl accidently, and he wear the veil for that reason. How can we know that? The day when the minister starting to wear the black veil. That is not occasional. And when he came to the girl's funeral, everyone saw his veil and body shake a little bit Some others said, they saw Hopper walk with that lady's soul. All the situation imply readers a fact. That is the minister killed the girl.

However, the people show their guilt very much according the describe of author. His

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