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Tottlers on Job Site

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Tottlers on Job Site

This was a short and to the point article explaining how two toddlers were found wandering around a Ft. Lauderdale construction site. Apparently, the children had walked from there house to find their parents, who were sleeping there at the time. This could have been a tragedy very easily, not only human, but financial as well. Crazy stuff happens in this world, and proper measures can be taken to prevent such incidences.

In today’s increasingly litigious society, poor planning and preparation can leave a construction company wide open for potentially huge financial losses. The best way to minimize these loss hazards is though safety and overall risk management. Although safety for construction workers is a companies number one priority, safety for other various third parties is also very important.

As with the case in the article, exposing third parties to the dangers of a construction site, be it willfully or otherwise, could prove to be very costly in the event of an accident. If the poor children in the article were to have been injured, the company involved is at major risk of a costly lawsuit.

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