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Vigilance Project

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Vigilance Project

After the merger the American team was not in very high spirits, as it was decided by the upper management that their product called "Perspective" would be scrapped; it was the product in which the American team had put in a long collaborative hours and were nearly done before the merger. The American team however understood the rationale behind the decision.

After the merger a new project manager, Didier Amrani, was appointed. He seemed to lack all the qualities of a good leader:

1. He never felt the need for the core team, made up of French and American teams, to meet with each other and figure out how things should work. The Affiliation factor was missing, because of which the US & the French team never felt connected. He should have understood that the American & the French were two different companies, and it would cause more harm than gain if one team is dominant that the other.

2. He should have not tried to be a control freak and let both the team members interact with each other freely. The American team was not allowed to present something without his approval. He should have given both the teams the Autonomy they were looking for. The Americans felt that their input were disregarder, and felt powerless and alienated.

3. He should have tried to build a relationship of trust between both the teams. In fact he could not be trusted; this was reinforced by the fact that he lied as to why the cross-cultural awareness workshop was cancelled. Loosing trust creates a feeling that the other person has hidden motives or selfish motive in each of his actions – This is exactly how the American team felt

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