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War on Oil

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War on Oil

Why is it that it takes thousands of deaths, pain, suffering, humiliation, and a few celebrities to stand up and say stop this war and stop Bush for people to open their eyes? For over half of this country still doesn’t even take enough time to look at all the facts. What are our troops really doing in Iraq? Well, lets ask ourselves… Why did we go there in the first place? Most people will tell you that Saddam Hussein had a connection to Al-Queada. NOT TRUE! Bush has a larger connection to the Bin Laden’s than Saddam Hussein does! Don’t believe me? Then perhaps you should question why when we had Osama Bin Laden’s very own family members in the United States, at least 13 of them, along with many other Saudis; Bush sent out a number of commercial planes and the White House Press Plane to pick them up and transport them out of the country just 3 days after 9/11. These people were not even questioned before being sent home free. When the idea of making the 9/11 commission was proposed to president Bush… get ready for a big shocker! ...he resisted. He tried to overlook it as best he could until his own administration began to put pressure on him. But even after he agreed to create it, he did it under the terms that he and Vice President Dick Cheney would remain off the record. And as if this was not enough, he then refused to release the documents of the commission uncensored. But who was going to stop him? After 9/11 Bush had the country wrapped around his finger. We wanted revenge, and we wanted it right away. The second we saw our president do something about it, we were behind him 100% no matter how ugly it might get. It was made clear that Bush wanted to go to war, what remained unclear was why exactly were we all of the sudden left without any allies? Why did they desert us now? Post 9/11 would have been a great time to unite as the free world and come together as one to fight these terrorists. Instead we ate “freedom fries”. But not many, at least not in this country knew about Bush’s true intentions at this point. So how could we protest? The other countries were just calling the US on what they saw. Basically, excuse my “freedom” but we said F-you to these countries, ya know, our allies and the only backup we actually had. We went to war anyway. We bombed Afghanistan, the whole shebang, and then told us that we did it to “smoke ‘em out”. I guess he was talking about the terrorists, but I can’t keep up with this guy. Anyway, it looked as though we were almost there, we had Bin Laden’s position narrowed down to within a few square miles in the mountains and had this been his true focus he would have sent our troops, the most powerful in the world, to go and find him. Except we, and when I say we, I mean Bush, sent the Afghani troops to go and capture him. Hmmm, let’s think about this for a second. Sorry, it doesn’t make sense to me. These are the same troops we had just “liberated" about a week prior right? And if I’m

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