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What Is Dubai Media City?

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What Is Dubai Media City?

1-What is Dubai Media City?

Dubai Media City (DMC) is the only global media hub in the region where all media-related businesses thrive together.

2-Where is it located? What is the importance of the location of DMC?

Strategically located in Dubai at the crossroads of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, your business can profitably operate in the local and international markets from DMC.

3-What is the environment of DMC like? What are the advantages of that environment?

DMC creates a world-class environment for every kind of media business, which broadly includes media and marketing services, printing and publishing, music, film, new media, leisure and entertainment, broadcasting and information agencies. In this open and flexible environment, you and your company can operate with collective synergy and individual freedom.

4-Why Choose DMC to start a media business in?

Being a dedicated media zone, DMC ensures that all media businesses are given the “Freedom to Create”. That’s why, with advanced infrastructure, support services, freedom of capital movement, tax-free income and easy access to markets rich with untapped opportunities, Dubai and DMC is the ideal location to base your productive media business.

5-What is the mission of DMC? The Purpose?

To create and market world class enabling services for the media industry.

6-What are the most notable services that can be provided or received in DMC concerning the Audio-Visual industry?


7-Will there be any trouble when dealing with official paperwork?

One-Stop- Shop for Government Services

Hassle-free completion of formalities can be done in no time, without the need to visit individual government departments.

8- Will there be any legal/judicial constraints on the freedom of expression in our media projects?

Broadcasting and Publication Standards Tribunal (BPST), a new independent body will adjudicate issues related to freedom of expression and the appropriateness of media content produced by companies in the Free Zone.

9- Is there availability of Talent & Training Academies?

Access to a talent pool of over 75 freelance media professionals (based in the City) with expertise in diverse media fields.

Availability of training institutes at Knowledge Village (a third initiative of Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone).

10- What is the Media Business Center?

The Media Business Centre offers a one-stop-shop and provides unique facilities for freelance professionals and companies alike. Apart from sponsorships, simplified visa procedures and flexible leasing opportunities, we provide business assistance in a modern and unconstrained environment which promotes creative inspiration.

11-Where do I register my company in the free zone?

Registration and licensing department (RLD) is the focal point of incorporation and registering new clients in the free zone.

12-What should I do to register my company in the free zone?

Prospective clients that forward their legal documents to Sales Department and get their legal papers approved, avail from the quick and easy incorporation services of the RLD to provide them with legal structure required to set up their business

Once the basic formalities of registering the new client have been completed, Registration and licensing department extend services and products for the existing companies pertaining to any required changes or amendments to their registration.

13-Is there professional & quality hospitality services in DMC to accommodate prospective clients?

Let the Hospitality Team take the hassle out of organizing your Hospitality options. We have a large portfolio of hotel accommodation to suit your needs from VIP business suites to beach front resorts. Our travel booking services ensure speedy delivery and peace of mind.

The Hospitality Team can arrange airport pickups and transfers to the hotels. A variety of tours are also on offer to corporate and social groups to make their stay

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