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What Legal Issues Do Hugo and Gregory Need to Be Mindful of as They React to Osanna'S Complaint

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What Legal Issues Do Hugo and Gregory Need to Be Mindful of as They React to Osanna'S Complaint

Hiring and Employee Development
Mini-Case Assignment

What legal issues do Hugo and Gregory need to be mindful of as they react to Osanna's complaint?

The career challenge case brings up one of typical examples of legal issues that companies should be more aware in hiring process, namely equal employment opportunity. Specifically, the Reliable Insurance Company will be more likely to face the lawsuit of violating the equal employment opportunity right due to Osanna’s complaints. According to EEOC, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as amended, prohibits employers from discriminating against workers on the basis of their race, gender, age or religion. Based on the Title VII, the legal issues that Hugo and Gregory should be mindful of as they react to her complaint would be race and sex discrimination in recruitment. It is unlawful for the company (The Reliable Insurance Company) to discriminate against applicants (Osanna) because of their gender and race. Osanna, for example, may allege that Reliable Insurance, especially the HRM is trying to hire employees in favor of white males and females. Looking at the company’s workforce, it is easily to for her to realize most of job titles are being occupied by white male and female employees. In addition, Osanna can file a complaint again the company with equal employment opportunity on the ground that the HRM department told her there were no positions available at the company, whereas they had advertised this position and then hired the white male for a trainee program instead of giving her a fair chance for consideration. In this scenario, Osanna probably has been treated unfairly in term of equal employee opportunity.

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