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What Role Did Education Play in Roya’s Personal Development?

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What Role Did Education Play in Roya’s Personal Development?



WRC 1013.034

16 September 2007

Prompt 3

What role did education play in Roya’s personal development? What role has education played in your development so far? In what ways do you see UTSA becoming an important place in your own development and an important part of your journey?

Growing up in America it has become almost mandatory or expected for children of this era to make it to college. This puts a lot of pressure on our generation and shows you how much the world has changed. In countries such as Iran, education is common and also important but not nearly as expected as the United States. Education played a major role throughout the book and most importantly Roya’s life. School is a major setting in the book and is where she experiences many conflicts and learns new information about the revolution. This is where she can succeed and come out for everyone to notice her. School is where Roya gains her power and drive to be something better than just your everyday teenage girls. She seeks out to make a difference in the world and her higher level of education aids her ability to be successful while doing this. In school Roya learns how to read, write, and interpret poetry, which at the time in her country is used in many different ways to express your opinion about the government. Through poetry and symbols people could say anything and technically it would not be treason. The school is where she gathered the strength to really stand up for what she believed in, its where she found herself and followed her own intuition. Instead of following her parents beliefs, Roya looked around and took a minute to soak everything in that was happening and stood up for what she truly believed was right. The idea that a teenage girl has her own ideas and opinions and has already choose the path which she chooses to go down might not be accepted as a good idea from some people, but in reality that is when you should begin to realize who you are. Her school is the very place where she begins to notice and realize times are changing and that she must choose a path and stick with her decision. Kids all over the school began to stress their frustration with the current situation. The children begin a small army of voices to create one loud one that was heard throughout the school and society. Just as Roya had to choose when she was a teenager, I too now have to choose my path as a college student. This time right here and now is what determines my future plans and fate for the rest of my life. Now I am in a similar situation as Roya and I must choose my path. Like Roya, my parents can no longer influence my decisions or views on life. Many opportunities and different paths will soon be thrown in my face and I must choose which to leave and which to take. I must find ways just as Roya did in order to express my opinions and views. Just as Roya choose to join the rebellion and take the chance to fight against her government, I too now have the ability to influence our government. Now my voice counts in society and I have

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