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What You Hate About Music These Days?

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What You Hate About Music These Days?

ARE YOU KILLING ME?!?!?!? Ok, guys.. first of all "britneysucks", if you keep those pictures of lindsay lohan nobody will believe that you're serious.. Second.. I begin to think that you have never heard a serious song of the 80s. Police? Queen? Berlin? Duran duran? I'm sure these words don't make you think about anything. And anyway.. EVEN TODAY SINGERS SING ALWAYS ABOUT THE SAME THINGS!!!! Even when they sing about war, lyrics are all the same!! "you do wars for your money.." "wars are done by rich politicians".. I haven't heard anything different yet! I mean, there are a lot of serious bands and singers, I'm not denying it. But.. music has talked about everything we could talk about! It's normal that the subjects always come back! And ANYWAY, AGAIN, every period has its own direction: you think 80s songs are ridicoulous. I'm sure that in 20 years your music will sound ridicolous to your kids too! Why don't you try to talk about what you love? We don't need to insult a kind of music to defend the kind of music tht we like. Try to hve a little respect for those years, because our parents too lived ana amazing and beautiful period in that time. And that music will stay with them and their memories for ever. So maybe you should try

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