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World War II - Effects

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World War II - Effects


World War I was fought on the battlegrounds of Europe. Death and dismay was strewn throughout the landscape. The major players included, but were not limited to, The United States, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, and France. Much like the Vietnam War, that would occur later on in the century, this war was one of bewilderment for most of the people involved, and not involved, for that matter. The soldiers and civilians alike were uncertain about the events leading up to this escalation of mass bloodshed. This uncertainty through Europe and the US, led to a myriad of recurring themes on and off the battlefields. The novel Regeneration, written by Pat Barker, discusses these experiences, and consequential themes in depth. In particular, one of these recurring motifs found in the novel that is incredibly interesting is that of Emasculation. It can be found throughout the novel through a variety of medium, including experiences and even clinical healing methods used by a doctor. Emasculation was expressed as a major theme throughout the World War I era and should be addressed properly.

The primary character, Siegfried Sassoon, based on a real life person, was a poet as well as an extremely recognized war hero in WWI. Through his trials and tribulations he was transformed from an expert bombing technician, to an anti-war advocate. His writing of the "Declaration," which was his most widely controversial writing, got him sent to Craiglockhart Hospital, as a mental patient

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