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Instructions for Business Plan.

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Instructions for Business Plan

You will be using this document throughout the semester until the end when you will receive instructions on how to complete and present a business plan as your capstone project.  As we work through each unit and standard you will continually gather, develop and add information to this form.  Add as much detail as possible as we go along so that you will have all that you need in the end to develop an accurate and professional presentation. A rubric is attached  for your use.

 Business Details Form

Business Category: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 List production activities your business will perform.

My business will give people a new choice of clothing  to choose from on a day to day basis.

  1. Describe the potential market for your business.

The potential market for my business would be oligopoly because there are a lot of other companies out there that sell clothing.

  1. Mark the corresponding category in which your business will fit and explain your reasoning.

[pic 1]

Small Business

Big Business

My business will be a small business because I wont be making a lot of goods just jackets.


[pic 2]


My business will be global because anybody will be able to purchase my brand.

[pic 3]



My business will be a profit business because I will be the owner.

[pic 4]



My business will be public because I want anybody to be able to buy my brand.

[pic 5]



My business is making goods and not giving a service.


[pic 6]


My brand will not be made up of machines but something you can wear.

Social Responsibility

  1.  Describe the type of social responsibilities related to your business and how you will fulfill them:
  1. Air and Water Pollution:

  1. Conservation and Recycling:
  1.  Green Marketing
  1. Business Ethics
  1. Consumerism:
  1. How does your social responsibility plan match up to one of the top socially responsible companies?
  1. Describe and explain the type of management structure will you build.
  1.  Draw an organizational chart for your business.

Dreaming the Business

Type of Ownership:

        Sole Proprietorship



Type of Business:



Business Formation:

New Independent Business


Business Hours:

24 hours a day online

Business Purpose:

to provide customers with a new choice of clothing such as jackets.

Number of potential employees, duties and suggested pay for each:

There would be potentially 4 employees one for confirming order one for packing order and one for shipping order each employee would get a pay of up to $32 an hour.

Products(s) or services(s) offered:

Jackets, shirts, and hats.

Why customers should choose my business:

Customers should choose my business because im bringing something new in style to the now generation.

Business Name: Jacket and co.

Business Logo:

Business Slogan:

“denim is where its at”

Location and Description of Building(s)

My business will be an online business

Create and attach the following:

        An organizational chart for your business

Letterhead, business cards, sign(s) and flyer ideas

        A drawing or sketch of what your business will look like for the outside

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