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Where My Strength Ends, God’s Begins

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Where My Strength Ends, God’s Begins.

Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible. When I was younger my life was splendid and I indeed hoped that it would be like that for ever, but life always has it’s own destiny already planned out. I moved to Mexico in 2008. My family and I had thought of things to be better however things changed in a way we never thought up. My parents got involved in politics without knowing that there was so much corruption, envy and serial problems within the politics. The Mexican government had everything to do with La Mafia (Cartel) serial assassins and drug dealers. With all of this going on in my life I had to believe and trust in God, for everything to be fine.

In childhood years I had no idea of what was going on because I was to young and I still didn’t realize what was happening in my life all I knew was that my parents had to much dilemma. All I would see was how they would cry together and sometimes even fight to the point of almost hurting each other. A few years later I started realizing what was going on, my parents lived with fear for them and us they’re children. All these problems affected me a lot, to the point of me hanging out with bad influences, that I would ditch school with, use drugs, drink alcohol and hurt myself in many more ways when I was only 13. This for reason of me living scared all I wanted was to forget what was happening, wishing it would all go away soon. I feared of anything that could happen to my family.

All my father could do was say that, we should never give up on what we wanted to do with our life and how much he loved us. No one could defeat la mafia once they decided to assassinate. It was inevitable. That same day my dad was going to get assassinated a miracle happened La Mafia decided to leave him alone. I prayed for god to listen to me and help my father because I did not want to see him lifeless, and he heard me, my dad was going to be fine. The moment that this happened I knew that I had to put god before anything at all moments, now I understood that god was always going to

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