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Worldview Essay (no God Ect, I Got an A+)

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Essay title: Worldview Essay (no God Ect, I Got an A+)

Worldview Essay (No God Ect, I Got An A+)

When you hear preaching from a pulpit telling us that we should all be "good" and obey God's law, it is hard to dispute, and yet it is often very disturbing. Sure it's true that we all have a rebellious nature and tend to shy away from rules and regulations, but there is something much deeper going on here. Even sincere believers who've known God for a long time have good reason to be skeptical when someone interprets Gods laws for them. It is simply a gut instinct. As children, many of us felt the same way when an older brother or sister came to us proclaiming something we had to do because "mommy said so". It's tough enough hearing Mom's rebuke directly, but few of us appreciated those rebukes coming through an interpreter. For all we know, that word our Mom had for that older brother or sister was for them alone, and had nothing to do with us!

This same principal disturbs us when we hear "dos and don'ts" preached from a pulpit, and illustrates one of the practical problems with law and legalism in general. Even the best and most sensible law, by its very nature, must apply equally to everyone. If the law says the speed limit is 40 MPH on a four lane road to allow for the most incompetent drivers, then all of us become criminals just by driving at a more reasonable

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