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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Terri Doan

University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

The Gap will explain changes that will need to be implemented in order for Global Communications to succeed as a viable organization. The analysis will separate the different issues and determine some the structure needed to form a plan to move forward with the globalization of the organization. The company has seen a price drop in the stock and would like to create a new structure to globalize the organization with-in 3years. The issues identified with the restructuring of Global Communications are: New Value System, Communication to key interested parties, Outsourcing / Reduction of workforce and Stakeholder Interest. Throughout this analysis Global Communications will be referred to as GC.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

The company has experienced a decline is stock prices as low as 50% in the past year and this would be Global Communications’ opportunity to restructure the values system and add new services to capture a new market segment for the organization (GC Scenario). Global will need to create a strategy on what the company’s values are reflecting in today’s current marketplace within the industry of telecommunications. Global Communications has the opportunity restructure the company’s business model and add additional services to include video and broadband connections for consumers. The addition of services will move GC towards the goal of becoming global in the marketplace.

Communication is going to be a key factor in moving the company forward to restructure the business. GC has the opportunity to create a line of communication between the interested parties to show consideration and hoe the changes that will be affect everyone hat the organization will encounter. The Board is a key component for stockholder when faced with difficult choices in order for an organization to re evaluate its purpose. The Union is a key party that if communicated properly could help in the explanation and placement of workers with a smooth transition into other employment or relocation within the organization.

Outsourcing is a very effective way for company’s to save money on certain types of labor. Global is looking at savings as high as 40% by considering an outsource plan with the domestic call centers. A strategy will need to be determined to create an educational promotion so that Global’s publics understand the position of the company and the options that the company is facing in the current market.

Stockholder buy in is key in turning the company around and understanding of the changes that need to occur to make GC a profitable company. Education of the restructuring of the company will need to be communicated and an explanation as to what has happened and how the organization intends to bring GC to a profitable and move in to globalization with in the next three years.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The ethical perspective of the union was GC is trying to manipulate the union contract and move jobs over seas for out sourcing. This lack of communication between GC and the union; this could ultimately create serious animosity. The approach to leave the Union out of the communication flow was based on the fact of trying to keep the information quiet until the board made a decision as to the direction to make GC a viable organization. The union has the position to negotiate the best possible settlement for the union members. Keeping the union out of the loop of may have created some ethical situations between GC and the union because the union was not able to give an input for the union members. The ethical dilemma could be seen as the union has the right to take care of the members and ensure the members future. This opportunity was not given to the Union.

Stock holders would want the board to uphold the best interest for the company to succeed financially. They will be more concerned with making the changes to move the company forward in to globalization.

Employee’s value are reflective of a personal nature more so than viewing it as for the good of all. The employee is trying to make sure they have a job or some type of resource to move forward when being let go. Employees will be concerned with their future and what will become of the job market. This in am important topic that GC needs to evaluate

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