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Marketing Plan: Phase 1 Paper

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Marketing Plan: Phase 1 Paper

PetSmart is one of the largest specialty pet retailers of service and solutions for the lifetime of pets. More than 1008 stores are open in the United States and Canada that provide pet foods and supplies that are priced reasonably. PetSmart provides all types of services for pets including pet training, pet grooming, pet boarding and adoption services. In addition to providing impressive value PetSmart has the broadest, deepest product range in the industry, including thousands of products exclusive only to PetSmart. Every year PetSmart takes care of the grooming for hundreds of thousands of pets in what PetSmart calls its PetSmart Salons. These animals are groomed and pampered by stylist who have had years and years of training and must complete a very informative PetSmart safety certification process. According to the PetSmart (2008), “grooming is not just about having a fabulous do it is also about keeping pets happy and healthy with services including nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing.”

PetSmart is always looking for new and better ways to make the lives of pets and their owners easier. One of the solutions to the busy lifestyles of pet owners is “Pet grooming on the go.” Pet Smart will take PetSmart Saloons on the road. In today’s ever growing fast paced world no one has time for themselves let alone pets, but PetSmart has come to realize that pets need the same type of care and attention that their owners need, this is where the Pet Smart Saloon comes to the pet rescue with pet grooming service that comes to customers at their home or job. Pet grooming will go to the customer’s home or office instead of the customer going to the store locations. Clients will not have to worry about how their pets are being treated since the mobile van will come to the client. The “Pet Mobile” will be equipped with the latest in pet grooming technology. Pets will be less stressed because they will not have to be subjected to unfamiliar surroundings, they will be in their own environment, and at the same time the owner can continue with work or daily activities. PetSmart will even schedule evening appointments so clients will not be interrupted during the day. All vans will be equipped special lighting and will be temperature controlled for all types of weather. Older pets that do not like being around other pet’s can relax in this environment. The biggest plus of all is pet owners who are nervous can be there for their pets to comfort them as they will have to option to even wait in the pet mobile. The services will include the following: Shampoo, massage, blow dry, hand brushing and lose hair removal, nail trimming, ear cleaning, plucking, with a bow or bandana. There will also be flea dips with appointments that be scheduled on a regular basis. Each pet will get one on one treatment with one and the absolute best care possible.

PetSmart currently operates more than 1008 stores in United States and Canada. PetSmart has a well established cliental base but is aware of the importance of marketing for the organizations success. The company is aware that if both current and future clients do not know about the new service being provided, not only does the company lose but so do the clients and potential clients. Marketing is an important way to inform people who need the service about what the company has to offer. Acquiring new customers is the primary outlook that PetSmart concentrates on whenever the company creates a new service. The service can launch once the customers are in and the work continues while money flows in after the customers have been obtained. PetSmart realizes that marketing the business as a whole is one of the most significant concepts that can help the company promote their new service. The company realizes that a reputation for good service has been built, but needs to be continued. PetSmart believes in order to market successfully the company has to understand the customer’s wants and needs. The entire organization recognizes the strategy of marketing and the importance of marketing, a focus on customer contact, and consistent communication practices. PetSmart realizes the importance of marketing and instead of spending a bulk of the companies marketing dollars on going after new clients; the company’s focus is primarily nurturing, retaining, and maintaining the customer relationship that is already in existence. PetSmart is aware that companies that do not succeed at nurturing and retaining their customer base eventually fail. The company knows in order to be successful long-term client and customer loyalty is a continuing challenge that the company must strive for on a daily basis and with every transaction no matter how big or small.

Several strengths exist in operating a mobile grooming

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