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Marketing Plan - Phase III

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iPod Freedom Paper III

The "iPod Freedom" provides not only significant storage capacity to the tune of 90GB for downloading MP3s, but it also gives customers the power to listen to unlimited radio channels via a Satellite Radio subscription or a previously synchronized home media library set, while obtaining reliable navigation services (GPS) whenever customers want or need it.

The following paper will illustrate the attributes of the iPod Freedom; it will describe the rate at which the device is expected to move through the product development life cycle as well as any factors influencing its market advancement and identify the position and differentiation approach utilized for marketing the iPod Freedom. Lastly, an adequate cost strategy formulation that should be used for the product will be discussed in an effort to provide a descriptive product summary as the iPod Freedom is launched to market.

The Apple iPod Freedom Attribute Description

A detailed description of Apple's personal music device with GPS convergence, known as the iPod Freedom lists device aesthetics such as sleek, curved corners, dimensions of "115mm x 61mm x 11mm" (Humblefrog, 2007), which is slightly larger than a box of playing cards. The device possesses a bright 2.5-inch color liquid crystal that "displays 65,536 colors in all their backlit glory (Frakes, 2004)" for vibrant video or podcast viewing while making use of a chip designed for earlier versions of the iPod series that already supported video functions., and an extended 12-hour continuous play battery life.

Other important characteristics include the integration of Apple's native software complimenting a full music library on the go, operated by a very functional scroll wheel used in conjunction with an intuitive graphical user interface menu allowing for choices between satellite radio functions, stored media playback, and detailed GPS interface navigation. A dock connector on the bottom of the device enables connectivity between the Freedom and a desktop computer for updating software or home media library synchronization, and the build in speaker adds value during audio playback and audible navigation. In addition to the GPS providing with the shortest timesaving solution of acquiring turn-by-turn directions, the built in GPS receiver also features a "reset GPS for this location" option that updates the satellite list for providing with up to date point of interest data while navigating.

Position and Differentiation

Differentiation strategy is an integrated set of action designed to produce or deliver goods or services that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important to them. It calls for sales of non-standardized products to customers with unique needs (Kotelnikov, 2007). The iPod Freedom is a devise like no other. The move in the industry for personal mobile devises is consolidation. Meaning consumers want to integrate all their mobile devises in one or few pocket size systems (Hickey, 2006). Separately, markets already established for GPS mapping devices as well as portable

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