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Phase I, Ii, III and IV Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan: Phase I, II, III, and IV

Lora, Jina, Tina, and Josie

MKT 421

Jon Smith


Executive Summary

Petsmart would like to introduce a new product called CuddleSmart. This product has been developed in order to aid desired pet owners to control allergies caused by cats and dogs. A four-phased plan has been developed to market the new product.

Phase 1 – Development of CuddleSmart

• Development of product – 63% of 112.9 American households have family pets. 15% of Americans are allergic to pets, however one third still own pets. Allergies to pets present many complications that led to 5.6 American households living uncomfortably.

• SWOTT – An analysis of the CuddleSmart finding its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends in the market.

• Market Research – Petsmart will distribute a survey to consumers that will lead to a better understanding of the consumer’s experience with allergies to pets.

Phase 2 – Marketing to Consumers

• Target Market – Consumers aged 25-50 with families located in the Midwest.

• Consumers/Organizational Buyers – Consumers that want to have pets, but cannot due to complications of themselves or family members with pet allergies. Organizations would include pet trainers, owners of special need dogs, and police department.

• Competitors – Possible competitors would include Petco, Wal-Mart, and Target.

Phase 3 – Expectations of the CuddleSmart

• Attributes – White spray bottle available in 16 oz. or 24 oz. bottle. Spray bottle will be handled easily and product is safe for pets and humans.

• Product life cycle – Expected product life cycle for spray is 10 years. Expected reaction from competitors will be strong and product uniqueness will cause a high incentive to create own spray.

• Strategy & Price – Basic strategy is to educated consumers on the benefits of the spray. The price the spray will be offered at is $11.99 for 16 oz. and $17.99 for 24 oz.

Phase 4 – Launching of pet spray neutralizer

• Promotion & Advertising – Promotion in Petsmart and veterinarian offices, grooming salons, and kennels. Ads and coupons will be inserted in Sunday papers. Billboards and TV commercial promoting CuddleSmart. Main advertisement image is happy pet owner holding their pet.

• Budget – A flexible budget will be allowed for promotion and advertising, marketing communication, and marketing research. Projected sales for product is $6 Millions dollars

• Evaluation & Monitor – Track sales of products and allow customers to offer constructive feedback of CuddleSmart.

CuddleSmart is a product of its own uniqueness. By bringing this product into the market is a great opportunity to reach a new market. It would also be to satisfaction to improve the lives of pet owners so that they and their families can enjoy many happy memories with the family pet.

Table of Contents

• Introduction

• Company Overview

• Description of New Product

• Importance of Marketing

• SWOTT Analysis

• Marketing Research

• Identify Segmentation Criteria

• Identify Target Market

• Organizational Buyers and Consumers

• Purchasing decisions

• Impact marketing strategy

• Analyze Current Competitors

• Product Attributes

• Product Life Cycle

• Positioning and Differentiation Strategies

• Price Strategy

• Sales Promotion Schedule and Advertising Plan

• Public Relations Opportunities

• Channel

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