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Mgt 330 Management for Organization

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When I began this course I I was unsure of what to expect. The name of the class “Management for Organization” seemed like such a broad title. Just reading the title I new this class would entitle lots information. I was praying that I didn’t get a hard professor. Through out the course I have learned a lot about responsibilities and characteristics of a CEO or managers on down the line of a business. There were a few things that I like most and I will explain them to in this paper. The topics I gained the most insight from were: big five personality traits, Levels of planning, Personal leadership style and managerial tasks. I will explain and tell you abut and what they mean and how they apply to me.

Many things in life you have to deal with personality some good some bad. But on manger stand point there are five personality traits. Some manger could be on the low end of some can be on the high end of it and others are in between. It being a effective manager. The first one is Extraversion means the tendency to experience positive emotions and moods and feel good about oneself and the rest of the world. You might ask yourself what doe this mean. This is in most cases when a manger who is on the high end of extraversion they are often called extraverts and the tend to be sociable. Mangers who are on the low end of extraversion are often called introverts. And they tend to be less inclined toward social interactions and have a less positive outlook. Second one is Negative affectivity this means the tendency to experience negative emotions and moods, feels distressed, and be critical of oneself and others. Many times mangers with the high end of this trait often angry and dissatisfied and complain about their own and others lack of progress. Other mangers that are on the low end of this trait do not tend to experience many negatives emotions and moods and are less pessimistic and critical to themselves and others. The third one is agreeableness is the tendency to get along well with others. Mangers who are agreeableness are most likable and tend to be affectionate and care about other people. Mangers who are on the low end of agreeableness may be somewhat distrustful of others, un sympathetic, uncooperative and even at times antagonistic. The fourth one is conscientiousness means the tendency to be careful scrupulous and persevering. The mangers that are high on the conscientiousness are organized and self-disciplined. The mangers that are on the low end of this trait sometimes appear to lack direction and self-discipline. The last one is Openness to experiences this means the tendency to be original, have broad interest, be open to a wide range of stimuli, be daring, and take risk. Many times mangers that are on the high end of this trait may be especially likely to take risk and be innovative in their planning and decision making. On the other hand mangers that are on the low end of this trait are less prone to take risk and more conservative in their planning and decision making. The one I feel applies to me the most in which the industry that I’m in which is football. In football there are different stages of traits. I’m going to refer to coaches in my industry to explain why I feel openness to experience relate to me more than the others. In football you have different type s of coaches, some coaches are what we call “go getter” meaning that he is not afraid to take risk and go for it all. An on the other in you have some coaches that are conservative and like to do what they no will work. I feel like you have to take chance in football because the plain you originally have may not work and you have to adjust and take a chance on something else. That’s why I feel Openness to experiences relate to me and my industry the most.

The other one that stands out to me is Levels of planning. In any business it takes planning. Especially if you want your business to be successful. In a large business or organization planning takes place at a three level of management. They are corporate, business, and functional. The corporate level plan contains top management decision pertaining to the organization’s mission and goals, strategy, and structure. It also is an industry that indicates national markets that organization complete. Corporate also provides the frame work with divisional managers create there business-level plans. A business-level plan has details that have long-term goals that will allow the division to meet corporate goals, and the division’s business-level strategy and structure. Many organizations have a business- level strategy that states the methods of a business or division. The use this strategy to compete against there rivals in the industry that they are in. Their is also a functional level this is the unit or department were people have the same skill or use the same resources to perform their job. The business-level plan provides the frame work for which

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