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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness

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Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness

Intensive globalization traits are flooding the markets today, and the fact that this feature has continually necessitated workplace diversity as a crucial aspect in organizational success. Corporations, both national and international, are engaging in stiff technological competition. Financial constraints are forcing firms to embrace new technologies in staff management. In order to put technology and globalization into focus, it would be important to consider Yahoo as a firm of dire interest. Yahoo bears such a uniquely interesting history worth noting. It has become a giant global media powerhouse form just a delegation from college students who were sorting a way to enhance mass communication.

In recent years, the managerial challenges facing Yahoo are quite extensive and deep simply because they arise right from the heart of its management. Yahoo took too long to respond to mobile technology advancement thereby allowing competitors to take up its market share (Lewis & Reiley, 2014). The two sources of income namely Yahoo mail and Yahoo Search took long to redesign the advertisement delivery structure. The firm needs to sit, think, and for once, resolve on who is the most appropriate person to take over leadership of the firm and take it over a revolution to redeem the slumping media giant.

One of the prime causes that affected Yahoo’s success in its industry is the vision statement it had embraced all along for its future “to deliver your world your way.” (Lewis & Reiley, 2014). The firm’s vision has disoriented the employees, who are the most important internal stakeholders that propel organizations to profitability. The corporation’s attempts to fulfill the vision statements face stiff competition (Lewis & Reiley, 2014). These services are provided along the three primary areas of business the firm has embraced; media, communications and communities, and search for marketplaces. In 2011, the corporation launched a strategic initiative meant to curb the rising forces in innovative technologies, and globalization of markets, and if possible, help realize new alternatives of survival in the new markets (Lewis & Reiley, 2014). These firms together integrate the firm’s external environment, which evidently dealt a deathblow due to rapid changes and competition.

The degree of difficulties that the firm have had faced within the recent past are a considerable experience to mentions in the circles of the firm’s success. In a period of less than 5 years, the firm’s management had already switched its Chief Executive Office three times (Stone, 2012). All these efforts were made with high hopes and optimism that with new management, the firm could be able to revitalize the slumping media giant. Similarly, the corporate’s market share fell to 10.8 percent down from 15.4 percent (Lewis & Reiley, 2014). According to Lewis and Reiley (2014), this drop was largely affected by growth on internet technologies and globalization of other media firms such as Facebook and Google’s YouTube.

As much as the firm has reported difficulty in its internal administrative environment, the external environment too has proven to be equally difficult. It is almost obvious that these leadership changes in the firm are going to pull the media giant further, down on it toes, but then, experience is the best teacher. Therefore, if at all the firm is to survive to see its future, it is up to its management to join hands and chart a way forward. The success of every entity strongly depends on the sound organization of its workforce and strength of its internal environment. Therefore, the operation officer at Yahoo has this prime obligation to initiate a strong management team that will identify these opportunities and effectively deploy available resources to meet these demands. Innovation has to inform all decisions made by top executives. Employees need some extra freedom to introduce innovations with full support of the management.

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Yahoo Inc. is a global brand with a fanatical customer following owing to its free mail service. Yahoo brand dominates a substantial market share in online search and the web-based mail in the world. Yahoo has one of the most extensive online presence acceptability that reaches local communities due to its availability on mobile platform. Its simple, fast and free search attracts million users on Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Video, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Maps, and Yahoo! Answers.

The ability to support all major browsers allows it to acquire a huge customer base worldwide. Yahoo has enabled many companies to set up desktop emails without the need to run email server at a small fee. Yahoo offers individuals

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