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The Attractiveness of Coffee Shops in Uk

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Coffee bars have been popular to UK consumers in the recent years.

Since the Seattle coffee company opened in 1995, it has a total of over 1800 coffee shops in UK, with sales of over 5 million lattes, cappuccinos and espressos served each week. Yet, the majority of UK and especially London consumers are also benefits to the wide choice of coffee shop located within a hundred yards of each other.

Since the entry of Americans coffee bar in 1997, British consumers were not only attracted by the good quality coffee made, but also rewarded from the relax surrounding of the coffee bar. It aimed to provide oasis of calm for people between their home and office, or even refuge where consumers can lounge on sofas, read newspaper and sight window scenery under the soft music and lightings offered, just like going through a different experience in life after hard work.

More over, coffee bars are regarded as a sign of mobility for people moving out of the street corners department store or ordinary coffee shops into something classier. For example, when consumersЎ¦ ordering coffee such as latte, cappuccino and espresso, it changes their perceived values towards a pure hot drinks and allow them to demonstrate connoisseurship.

As a result, it attracts typical consumers like young, single and professionally high pay managers, and another important market, students.

Coffee bar attracts consumers by giving them a wide selection range of different flavor coffee, drinks and cakes which cater their mood at different times. Sahar Hashemi, the founder partner of Coffee republic, suggest that a tall skinny latte would fits his routine mood and creamy vanilla mocha would best suits his celebratory spoiling mood. It encourages consumers to aspire the right coffee that suits their mood at the right time.

The design of coffee bars communicates the idea of socializing and gathering for consumers. For example, Coffee Republic used the ЎҐzoningЎ¦ principles where the front zone of the store are named ЎҐhigh pacedЎ¦ area, for people to order and drink quickly, middle zone is surrounded with meetings table and chairs for large groups while at the back are sofas. Therefore, consumers can definitely find something in store.

Let assume that a customer considers visiting a coffee bar for the first time, individual buying decision may be influenced by some internal and external factor such as their psychological/ personality factors and social economical factors in respectively. Indeed, individualЎ¦s want are determined by the social economical factors such as personal worth and culture, whereas their needs are on the other hand, depend on their physical characteristic and the environment such as genetics and biogenic factors.

For example, if a hospital patient had just cure up from heavy diabetes problem, and would very much like try out coffee bars, he/she may needs to make precise decisions in which drinks or cakes to order, because his/her body might not physically support the injection of specific food.

Family traits and psychological factors have a great effect when a new coffee shop visitor makes his/her buying decision. For instance, psychological factors do affect individual behavior in which their perceive value for a desire coffee may add motivation behind the behavior of decision making speed. Indeed, the attitude and belief of coffees in bars may influence their buying decision. This also corresponds to the socio-culture influences when individuals believe that their belonging groups of friends dislike latte, attitude and perception that he/she has towards latte may become depressing so to reject latte at the time being.

Also, perception in which individual selects and interprets from the environment is critical towards buying decision, especially for first time purchasing. For example, during the consumer decision making process, the individual may evaluates the benefits and consequence that he/she may has towards their chosen option. Thin skinny latte in coffee republic that may generates classy, high class feeling or creamy vanilla mocha in which the smooth adrenaline cream above the coffee triggers a happy and warm feeling. It would be over value for money if the individual thinks that a two-three pound coffees offer them ever comfy and happiness. This situation results in high involvement decision as consumer invest more time and interest to it.

Rothschild (1979) suggested four measures of involvement within consumer buying behavior which is obviously the price, length of purchasing time, similarity of choice and lastly, the perceived risk. For example, since 2 pounds may allow you to buy 20 coffee bags in Morrison, Starbucks expensive cappuccino are generally high involvement and they may

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