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Coffee Shop

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Two men pushed open the door of the coffee shop, and tiptoed over to the counter, quietly, so they wouldn’t interrupt the musician, strumming out a rendition of John Mayer, on an older Gibson guitar that looked as if it had been passed from father to son.

After they order their drinks, they quietly find a table and sit down and begin to speak. They appear to be businessmen. The first is average looking. His features are harsh with dark blonde hair that reaches his ears and small framed glasses that rest at the crown of his nose. His face is thin, and his dull brown eyes are set far apart. The other man, however, is especially striking. His clothes, a deep blue, collared long sleeved shirt and a pair of chino pants combined with his manicured hands suggests that he has a while collared job. His face is complimented by the strong chin, and high cheekbones, with chestnut hair that occasionally hangs in his eyes. But what really draws your eye to him is that smile. His smile is not of a haughty business man, but of a laid-back teenager with his friends laughing about the recent mischievous prank.

They speak to each other as if they are speaking of a top-secret plan, leaning in and constantly glancing up. Their actions make one wonder if they are planning some

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