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What Are Your Career Goals?

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What are your career goals?

Is the manager usually standing around? Well he may be standing there but he has about one hundred things on his mind at a time. My career goal is to be a business manager.

To be a business manager you will have to have several skills. One of the most important skills I think you need is knowing how to negotiate and knowing how to pick your market. Some of the other skills you will need are good math skills and you should have the best quality for one of the lowest prices. The qualities I have to become a business manager include an aptitude for mathematics. Also I have had experience in running a business called Russell’s Sports Ware, and operating it was successful. I also have good people skills and I am very fair person. A business manager has many responsibilities. They include hiring and firing employees, paying all bills, supervising displays, setting store policies, keeping good records and representing best qualities for ones monies.

I chose this career for many reasons. First of all, I am fascinated be the business world. In the eighth and ninth I taken an entrepreneur ship class which I learned a lot and started

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