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My Career Goals

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My Career Goals

The times these days in business are demanding more and more of the people that they hire. A first priority is a Bachelor Degree in most jobs that offer a decent salary or way of life. Pursuit of my degree is something I'm actively taking a fast stride in and I'm not planning on stopping there. I have a future planned for a better education, a positive outlook, and carrying on my family's history with successful accomplishments. I enjoy learning all aspects of life and some are harder than others but we press on and make the best of the future to come.


Education is a high priority in anything that I'll do in pursuit of moving up the ladder in my future career. It takes a while to reach educational goals and it can be very frustrating. If the right educational path is taken it will always pay off in the long run. A high paying job isn't always right there in front of my face but having a Bachelor of Arts degree will help in whatever path I take being I honestly don't know what specific job I want to do. It's hard to stay on track sometimes with some of the demands that are put on me as student. Not to mention being in the military can be somewhat distracting in its own. I have quite a bit of schooling from before I went into the service Now that I'm in I've got more of an educational outlook then ever. So much is offered to me in the way of education and I'm taking full advantage in pursuit of my degree and a good paying job outside of the uniform.

Educational Outlook

Being it can be frustrating at certain times with all that can be going on I still find it easy to stay positive. I'm a hard working man and I enjoy being tested and testing myself in everything that I do. I see the Bachelors degree help me in pursuing my future goals and putting my Masters degree within arms reach afterwards. I enjoy learning new aspects of everything in life and I truly believe I'll never stop in my educational pursuit in life. There is so much to be learned and not enough time to do so. Every day brings something new to the table whether it is a roadblock or an accelerator. Education is definitely something I see handed down within your family. You look up to those who have raised you and it gives you the feeling as if you need to do what they have done. Even though our true future is within our hands I do believe that family will ultimately play the biggest role in our mindset for better education.

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