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Career Goals

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Career Goals

Over the past few decades, people have drastically changed the way they choose their career. Times have changed a great deal, and people no longer feel forced into a certain profession. People are now given endless choices and possibilities, and it is up to them to decide what they want to do the rest of their lives. When facing these important decisions, it is very easy to become confused. I once was very uncertain about any career goals I may have had, but now, I am more sure of the direction my life is going.

When I was young, I never really knew what I wanted to become when I got older, but I always had very high aspirations for myself. I always thought that I would become either a doctor or a lawyer. Both professions seemed highly respected, and the high income from each was a very important factor. As I grew older, I started to drift away from dreams of becoming a lawyer, and focused toward the medical field. The more I considered this choice of a profession, I began to realize that it was what I wanted to do with my life. However, like most people, my dreams changed over the course of time. My experiences and mistakes changed my perception on life in general, as well as my dreams and goals. I went through periods of time where I wanted to become a pilot, an architect, and finally, a computer technician. As I did research on each of the previous fields, I became highly confused and was very uncertain on which path I should choose.

I always found flight of any kind to be a very intriguing and amazing thing. I had flown in numerous airplanes during my life, but the sense of wonder never faded. I performed in depth research to get all of the necessary information about this profession. The more I found out about it, the more persuasive it became. Being a pilot pays very well, but requires good physical health and a decent amount of money invested into the training. I have always had very poor eyesight, which would limit the career choices I would have in this field. While I still dream of flying my own airplane to this day, I have decided to wait until my other priorities and goals are accomplished.

Many factors came into play when I decided to give up on becoming an architect. I have always been amazed by creative, well-built structures. I have been to many extraordinary buildings designed by the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright. After doing extensive research on this particular field, I found out that they are paid very well. However, on the other hand, one must build their name up before given the chance to build revolutionary structures. Also, many years of college are required before one can be a very well respected architect. In general, this career choice seemed like a gamble, as well as an aggravation.

After going over all of the options that have been placed before me, I have finally decided to pursue a career in computers. I have been raised in the era when computers were making their first appearance in people’s homes. When I was a very small child, I started exploring the file systems on

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