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Compare and Contrast Essay - Shopping online and Traditional Shopping

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Linda Johnson

I.D. #AC0626801

EN130 English Composition II

Assignment 05

December 7, 2015

                                            Compare and Contrast Essay

     Shopping online and traditional shopping is so different in many ways. However, they are both convenient ways to shop according to your own preference. I have found that traditional shopping works best for me. I prefer the traditional shopping because when I go shopping for something I need, I don’t like to have to wait for it to come in through the mail. I rather have it then. I have found that more and more people have been shopping online compared to traditional shopping.

     Traditional shopping is for the ones that like to shop for what they need right then. It is for the ones like me who actually like to look in the stores. It’s for the ones that enjoy the shopping trips with their mother or grandmother. Traditional shopping back years ago was all about spending time with family, just enjoying the day spending time with your mom or grandmother being pampered just one on one. I remember when my grandmother and I use to spend the day shopping, and now that she has passed shopping just doesn’t seem the same anymore for me.  

     In my opinion traditional shopping is easier when you are shopping for clothes so you can try them on and make sure you get the right size. As opposed to online shopping where you have to hope and pray that you picked the right size that will fit you cause if not you have to send it back. By the time you send it back and wait for the right size to come in the event that you were needing it for is probably already passed.      

     Online shopping is more for the busy people. The ones that are working can’t afford to take off work. For the ones that don’t like the rush of the holiday shopping. I have found though I like traditional, online shopping by far is the cheaper way to go. A lot of times you can buy merchandise cheaper online. Even though some things are cheaper you still have to watch out cause some stores charge you for shipping too. When they charge you for shipping as well as the merchandise, if you had the time you could have went in the store and bought it. Some online shopping stores offer free shipping and those are the ones were you get the true bargains at.

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