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Jobs for Forensic Chemists

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Kaitlyn Baldwin

Mrs. Yuninger

English ll pd.2

Monday 16 March 2015

I-Search paper outline #2

                                Outline Format for Second Draft

 Thesis Statement: Being a forensic chemist is a great job because the majors needed are chemistry and biology,  you get great education and requirements to help, and many jobs for forensic chemists.

I.  Introduction

II. chemistry and biology

A.        Chem

                            1. finding evidence with chemicals

2. importance

                B.   Bio

                            1. analysing DNA

                            2. importance

III. Education

                A. High School

                            1. Should take chemistry and biology courses in high school. Courses include Honors Chemistry and Biology as well as AP Chemistry and Biology.

                            2. Take Oral Comm

                B. Going to a college that is major in chemistry and criminal justice

                            1.  Forensic Chemist need a degree in chemistry and should study biology

                            2.  Forensic Chemist need skills like criminalistics and analytical toxicology which can be achieved in taking classes in criminal justice

IV. Jobs for Forensic Chemists

                A. Federal Jobs

                            1. Work for the FBI or DEA

                            2. Receive government benefits

                B. Local Jobs

                            1. Work Local labs and be close to home or private labs

                            2. Salary

V.  Conclusion

Kaitlyn Baldwin

Mrs. Yuninger

English II pd. 2

Monday 16 March 2015

I-Search paper

Criminals Beware

Doctor, vet, firefighter, airplane pilot. These are jobs that I wanted to be when I was young. I never thought that going to a chemistry demonstration would have changed my mind. Sitting there and listening to the chemist made me realized that I want to be in a job that involved chemistry. I did not want to do a job that would be boring. While I was watching TV, I saw a show that had a forensic chemist and I was very interested in what they were doing. That day, I made up my mind that I want to be a forensic chemist and started looking towards the path that would lead me there. Also, when I took the Naviance career test in school, one of my top careers was a chemist which included forensic chemist underneath. Being a forensic chemist is a great job because the education is interesting, the education is very fulfilling, and many jobs are available.

To begin with, the education needed to become a forensic scientist is very interesting. A forensic chemist uses chemistry and biology every day in her job to complete the work given to her. Chemistry is a major part of forensic science. Chemistry helps forensic chemists find evidence on samples picked up from crime scenes. Chemistry helps forensic chemists use a wide range of analytical techniques while using traditional methods also (Chemistry Explained). During their work, forensic chemists analyze evidence such as hair samples, glass fragments, blood stains and anything that can yield valuable chemical information ( Biology helps forensic chemist too. When she has to analyze hair fibers or blood samples from the crime scene, she needs to be able to understand and analyze the DNA found. Forensic scientist Michael Howard stated “In DNA, you have to know enough biology to understand genetics” (Howard). He explained to me that knowing biology is very important since most of the evidence he has to look at contains DNA that he has to analyze. Therefore, chemistry and biology are important to forensic chemist.

Next, a major part of becoming a forensic chemist is education. Everyone interested should start to take the core classes you need in high school. In high school, they should take as many biology and chemistry classes available. These classes include honors biology, honors chemistry, AP chemistry, and AP biology. Oral communications is also a class that forensic chemist suggest. “Forensic chemists agree that public speaking skills and being comfortable with what you do are important personal characteristics for this career.” (“Forensic”). Oral communications is very important because forensic chemist are always called into court to present evidence that help support a case. It is very important that they are confident in speaking in court. More importantly, it is a great idea to make sure they get very high grades in these classes so they can get into a great college to get the best college education they can. This will help them to easily get a job after they graduate college. To start, it would be smart to go to a college that has a major in chemistry but also has a major in criminal justice. It is important for forensic chemist to have a degree in chemistry, but have experience in biology as well. The biology aspect comes in handy when they have to analyze DNA. Criminalistics and analytical toxicology is very important for forensic chemists who are working in federal, state, or community labs. These skills can be learned by taking classes in criminal justice.

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