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Species Vs. Universe

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Reba Sledd

Bryson depicts throughout his quote that even though humans are one of the universes most captivating, highly developed creatures; we are still at risk for causing the obliteration of the universe we thrive in. It could be perceived through examination of history and present occurrences that humans are destroying the very thing that keeps them in existence.

The atomic bomb is a prime example of the point Bryson illustrates in his quote. The person who created the atomic bomb was without a doubt one of the universes utmost, luminous creatures, for no simple-minded human being could create a bomb of such authority. However, the atomic bomb is capable of bringing an end to existence on Earth, so if a man so brilliant can be responsible for the creation of something that could be so detrimental think about how great a threat billions of human beings pose to the universe.

People have contrived millions of varieties of luxury goods and statuses to improve the lives that they lead; we have fast food restaurants, electricity, telephones, and even lavish transportation. In history, roads were mostly dirt, now a days the roads are paved and not as bumpy. Roads seem to be a superlative invention, however builders will tear down any trees necessary in order to build a road, so therefore roads are actual harmful to the

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