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The Science of Why You Crave Comfort Food

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Khalid Khalaf Al Mazrouei        


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Part One Summary:

In the article “the science of why you crave comfort food”, Sifferlin (2015), researches show that when food is associated with happy memories, it dramatically impacts our perception on the taste and feelings that the food provides. Recent research show that positive experiences with food, such as taste and even smell, might bring us closure.

Part Two: Narrative/Descriptive:

* Must be read with ‘Estas Tonne – Internal Flight’ (from 3:20)*

The Food That Got Away

A simple Italian seafood dinner plate, changed my perspective of seafood entirely. During my travel to Massachusetts with my father, in the summer of 2015, we lost our satellite navigation link, ending up in Palm Island; or so we thought. In a remote location along the road, we found an Italian diner that served seafood. I could not fathom the idea of eating such food. However engrossed, I recall sitting down and ordering the least destructive platter to my taste. In came a plate of sea dates and oysters, prepared in a very light yet deep garlic sauce with some added herbs. Just from the aroma, I was captivated. I, who would never be caught eating seafood, fell prisoner to this platter’s charm, like a lost traveler in the desert with the desperate desire to quench his thirst. It had amplified feelings unknown to me. Minced herbs with a thick flavored texture, stung my taste buds like a bee. Slowly I started cracking oyster, one after another, slithering my way throughout, hungry for prey. The dish had me flushed, my entire body was overtaken by its taste, texture, and aroma. Unable to restrain myself, I found myself caught in such an act of lewdness. It was as if all my senses surrendered; my realm of reality and grasp had been abducted. Mesmerized? Charmed? What was I? Perhaps profoundly under a spell of this delicate yet exquisite dish. The comfort food that got away.

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