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V for Vendetta was a popular graphic novel written by Alan Moore, published during the 1980пїЅs. It takes place in an alternate-present, where a nuclear war occurred sometime in the past, and a fascist government rules over Britain, and the rest of the world is assumed to be in tatters. The story focuses mostly on the actions of one пїЅVпїЅ, a mysterious self-described anarchist.

The world in which V acts is one that carries many similarities to our present day world, in an exaggerated sense. Their government rules with an iron fist, the media airwaves are filled with propaganda, policemen enforce laws with wanton violence and no check on their power, and the morality of the populace is strictly controlled with CCTV monitoring all the people say and do. Even the weather is under the governmentпїЅs precise control. VпїЅs ultimate goal is not simply to topple this government, but to shake up the populace, and make them realize what kind of world they have allowed, in the name of safety and security. To do this, V uses bombs and violence against state officials. Yes, in the dominant meaning of the word, V is a terrorist.

The government in the story comes right out and calls him by that name,

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