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V for Vendetta

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Essay title: V for Vendetta

Kathy, a 31-year-old woman, is the narrator of the book. She remembers her days in Hailsham. Kathy also starts to remember her friends Tommy and Ruth. Hailsham is a boarding school which she and both her friends visited. None of the children there have any parents or even a surname. Kathy, Ruth and Tommy despise their school days. They are desperate and want to leave. They think that they don’t fit into that society. In Hailsham they don’t get prepared for a normal live. The children at Hailsham get prepared to be organ donors once they are adults. They are all clones that are raised solely at this boarding school. The three young people decide to leave everything behind them and stick together forever, no matter what will happen and unsure of the future that awaits them. But still they are scared of becoming new people. How should they do that if they don’t even know how to be someone else? They get raised up to be no one. They should be useless and that’s why their creativity or health doesn’t mean anything. They should stay useless so that when they die nobody cares. They only live to donate their organs. All the people in Hailsham can’t escape that regime. They don’t know how and they are too scared. They don’t know how many people are behind that regime and how strong they are. That’s why they don’t have the heart to start a revolution. No one in that boarding school has a “free will”.

I have one main criticism of this book. Throughout the novel, I kept wondering why somebody doesn't, you know, just run away or challenge the authorities. It's amazing and, frankly, an unrealistic thing for me to believe that these people, so precocious in their lives otherwise, don't even bother trying to rage against the machine. At first I couldn't figure out why I was so bothered by this but I but I noticed the same thing pointed out by others in class. One of the strangest scenes to me is where Kathy talks

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